Investment Strategy

Elisheva Realty, LLC specializes in identifying opportunities in undervalued and mismanaged properties. Our value add approach allows us to retain profits and create opportunity in a number of different ways along several asset classes.

Elisheva Realty, LLC has a vertically integrated platform which allows us to execute on our two-fold investment strategy. Part of our portfolio consists of assets with high appreciation potential. The company’s hold period for these assets is 6-18 months. The remaining assets in our portfolio are composed of core assets. These assets are income producing with stable growth over time. Our hold period for these assets is indefinite

We believe that our hands-on investment strategy is the key to our success. Our vertically integrated platform consists of an in house construction team and property management team. Our resources allow us to achieve the highest and best use in all of our investments.

Our platform, experience and expertise enable the company to evaluate challenging assets and formulate creative strategies to achieve our investment goals.

Elisheva Realty